30 Bobs Hairstyles For Fine Hair

One of the most advanced and elegant hairstyles is the bobs hairstyles. The hairstyle is made in such a way that the hair falls between the ears and the jawline. A beautician Antonine invented the hairstyle in the year 1909 in Paris. The hairstyle gained its popularity in the year 1920 when some women used the hairstyle to celebrate and show their liberty. Since then, this kind of hairstyle has regained its popularity as it has found numerous variants of the first bob cut. Among the reasons why numerous people like this kind of hairstyle are that it’s simple to maintain and can almost flatter any type of face shape and age. Below are the types of bob hairstyles available;

The classic

Ladies with naturally straight hair usually use this type of hairstyle. However, it is still and the only popular hairstyle that highlights the bangs. The bangs are usually very short or just on the eyebrow. Additionally, this type of hairstyle is mostly right on the jawline. Numerous people like this style because it’s easy to maintain and handle.

The long blast

This type of bob hairstyle can either be short that is direct to your ear or long just under your jaw. The long type can give you an impression that a lady has no blast but it is still there. Usually, the blast is made to sweep sideways. One can as well prefer to have this type of hairstyle to have some light layering, or not. But the hair is normally straight as in the with the classic.

Side sweeps

It is the most popular and used type of bob hairstyle. Ladies with naturally straight hair or are ready to blow dry their hair straight, like this type of hairstyle. This kind of hairstyle highlights hair that usually has one length. Most times, the front part of the hair is cut longer than the back, however, no bangs are available and if there is any layering, it is for long layers. This type of style is described by a side part and hair that is blown or daintily twisted marginally under a bit. This is not the bob that highlights hair that most of the times flip out, however, it has gentle curls under. Many young and old women like this style. The old women may comb the hair backward to get a lot of the body out of the back and twist it under more drastically, while young ladies may settle on a couple of more layers to make them look somehow messier.

The flip

This type of bob hairstyle presents flipped finishes. The flip is done lightly with a curling brush and no hair curler. The hair is daintily layered, even though they are long layers, and the hair is usually straight. It’s separated in the center and softly flipped in the ends. This is to make sure that the hair and face are in dimension. This style is most appropriate for young ladies.


The bob style is suitable for people of all ages. These styles are good and match any type of event or occasion.